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"Feminist — a label misused and misconstrued social movement as well as ideology. Though defined as an advocate for equality between men and women, most macroscopic communities do not view an issue. By default the many nations of earth (not all) are predominantly patriarchal. Being a male in a male dominated society places one at a perception disadvantage. Hateful denunciation dismisses real challenges, inequities and degradation. Conditioning as well as tradition and convention has assigned us as people to certain roles and states — leaving little to no space for imagining anything different unless stepping out into uneasy unknown territory. It is less painful to deny a problem to preserve a condition of normality however toxic or warped it may be lest this condition alter and threaten existing assurance. Essentially by accepting such a reality, someone risks losing something. If unfairness or differences did not present itself between males and females then feminism would not be need for in consequence to its lack of demand or function."
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Outbreak 2014

Establishing no-fly zones, denying college admissions (temporarily) and in general acting with caution cannot even remotely be viewed as racist or discriminatory. If a bubonic plague epidemic surfaced in Europe, ethnicity would not be the focal point in reports or social commentary. Enacting counter-measures has no relation to racism, its simply a matter of safety. People are more willing and worried about behaving politely then safeguarding themselves from a virus with a of 50-80% (conditional of the strain) morbidity rate! 

Furthermore if there is such a concern for the longevity of the populace in effected areas, why not provide them with adequate medical professions, plentiful facilities and potent treatments? 

If I were less trusting I might be under the impression that official tasked with containing a potential spread of disease in fact intend to allow U.S. inhabitants to become infected…

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"Whenever put under a microscope for the unique way you behave, move and exist do not stop being yourself. Instead shame those who would rather convert you into an idyllic carbon copy. If diversity was not apart of this reality I might identify with your ramblings, but it does and I don’t. If you conform to feel at ease by all means, but do not attempt to influence me to emulate said conduct to preserve your comfort."
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To all companies and advertisers, who habitually beleaguer me with commercials, campaigns, posters, product endorsements, jingles and logos, your stratagem causes me to be significantly less inclined to buy anything at all. In fact I have for several years began strategic actions to digress from industrial modern society for a quiet life in the country. One day America will not need to deplete and replenish resources  on a daily basis — at some pivotal moment soon corporations, their commodities and services will be reduced to relics of commerce.

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Patterns in fashion. 
Reference photo:

I saw this illustration and fell in love with the tones, proportions and overall design, everything has such fine details and ties into the larger image — simply splendid work!


Patterns in fashion. 

Reference photo:

I saw this illustration and fell in love with the tones, proportions and overall design, everything has such fine details and ties into the larger image — simply splendid work!

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My property search has finally ceased, now I can start paying the mortgage! I wonder the location of this house.

My property search has finally ceased, now I can start paying the mortgage! I wonder the location of this house.

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Principles of healthy living
  • Reduce the hours spent watching television, films and playing video games by an 8th
  • Exercise at least 15 minutes each day
  • Opt for walking, using the stairs or cycling instead of driving or taking advantage of elevators/escalators
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day
  • Study an unfamiliar subjects
  • Learn a new language to maintain neuroplasticity
  • Build upon language, reading and mathematical skills to refresh the familiarity of information previously learned
  • Consume at least one serving of a vegetable and fruit each day (pay attention to how colourful or bland your plate is).
  • If able completely or incrementally eliminate soda and energy drinks from your diet. As an alternative drink tea rich in caffeine, H2O, smoothies (no sugar added of course) and juice (in moderation).
  • Consider finding a nutritionist to ensure your body receives the nutrition it requires
  • Introduce or increase consumption of antioxidant abundant foods (citrus fruits and dark chocolate)!
  • Carefully monitor sugar and salt intake
  • Floss and brush your teeth! Seemingly minor, maintaining dental hygiene prevents consequential afflictions (headaches, gingivitis (non-hereditary) and even cardiovascular problems).
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours (highly neglected, insufficient rest effects cognitive functioning, mood and efficiency of many systems (e.g. immune, endocrine and nervous).
  • Remove stress inducing elements whether environment or relationships, nothing is worth sacrificing your welfare.
  • Actively make strides to strengthen your weaknesses and negative traits. 
  • Expose yourself only to positive stimuli. You output what you input.
  • Recharge and recentre; spending time alone is important for introverts and extroverts alike. Sustaining a sense of inner contentedness, calm and focus remains an essential practice for self care!
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154 over 63

Based on the vitals taken during my visit to the emergency room for a separate reason, I am experiencing acute hypertension. Most likely caused by an elevated level of stress and emotional distress. Once I relocate these levels of cortisol should decrease — at least that remains a sincere hope. I have never encountered issues with high blood pressure and knowing presently it has developed into a problem truly bothers me! Considering the pressure I have been under I should have anticipated that my health would reflect my psychological state at some point. Not discounting my daily intake of sustenance has been minimal and I have not been drinking a sufficient amount of water either,.. 

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Personally I am tired of the mainstream. Small groups dictating what will be popular/culturally normal, cinematographers remaking films instead of genuinely cultivating scripts that will produce surprising works worth watching, news networks who sensationalize, shock or otherwise spread misinformation to serve the interest of their affiliates, companies as well as advertisers who use psychology to promote their services/products while not accepting responsibility for the impact on consumers and of course any industry member who perpetuates separation between classes, ethnic groupings, gender and so on to sustain themselves. Furthering these deep wounds within society, once we identify those who are involved understand which individuals are at fault and mean us harm. By encouraging abstract processing of information, curiosity, a balanced amount of scepticism along side integrity, national issues become possible to solve as well as reverse, correct — better yet heal. Communities are vital as they function to serve anyone living within one, however like any system, practice or phenomenon it must be kept in check. 

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"People do not want money, they love what it can be traded for. Money is evil because it nurtures a strong sense of desire which eventually cannot be satisfied and in turn we become tragically dependent upon it."
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